The Grand Canyon State and So Much More

From one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World to the spectacular colors of desert flora in bloom, mountain chains, lakes, and miles of hiking trails contrasts with our culturally diverse arts and cuisine, golf courses, sports venues, and shopping across the state. History abounds in Old West mining towns rich with copper and re-enactments, visit Pony Express stations, or explore Route 66.

Phoenix is the 5th largest city in the country, covering 500 square miles. Our vibrant towns of all sizes comprise the heart and soul of the Southwest and its diversity. Today, on the political front, Arizona is fast becoming a leader in the future of our nation in standing for election integrity to protect every vote.

Sonoran Desert

Lynx Lake in Prescott

San Francisco Peaks near Flagstaff




America First Agenda

Targeted For Destruction
After the highly questionable results of the presidential and other down ballot elections of 2020, now documented through the multiple statewide efforts of Illinois based Election Integrity Groups, it became immediately apparent to those paying attention that the America First Agenda was targeted for destruction by the globalists and their allies. The legacy media, social media giants and “Big Tech” fully employed their ominous powers to manipulate and CANCEL the free speech of individuals and organizations with opinions not approved by the Deep State bureaucracy.
Supporting The America First Agenda
We believe our American Republic, as envisioned by the founders to provide, and protect the freedom and liberties of all its citizens, is worth preserving.IFAF has a comprehensive BATTLEPLAN for America First strategies, with detailed action steps—something for everyone. Too many Americans have lost faith and confidence in our electoral system, causing devastating levels of anger and frustration. With lockdowns and mandates, the hope of ever truly regaining their freedoms, liberty, and prosperity is dwindling. Illinois for America First is here to help recover policies and processes that work and find ways to regain the trust of voters to have fair and free elections: Easy to Vote, Hard to Cheat.
What’s at Stake?
Simply put, the future of Illinois and America will be determined on November 8th. Join our “boots on the ground” Battleplan to educate voters across our state for the 2022 General Elections. IFAF with The America Project has SOLUTIONS with a step-by-step plan to fill in procedural chinks the Nation experienced in 2020 to create more transparency in elections, reveal which candidates support an America First Agenda OR are they “business as usual” traditional politicians, and further the efforts of in state partner organizations working for LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL. Many in Illinois and around the country ask, “What can I do?” The answer: Be informed, engage as a volunteer, and be ready to cast your vote. Choose wisely.
Are you ready for a NEW way to do Illinois politics? Join us on as we journey to help bring vital education and training to our grassroots coalition groups around the State.
IFAF provides additional systems and methods to fill in the gaps on the good work already being achieved in Illinois. We have a detailed Battleplan!
OUR STRATEGIC CAMPAIGN IS POWERED BY AMERICAN PATRIOTS LIKE YOU Fueled with Passion, Time, Skills, and Financial Contributions

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