By Andrew Mark Miller| Fox News

Suicides in the law enforcement community have continued to be problematic for police departments across the country in recent years, including more than a dozen Chicago police officers since 2018, and two retired police officers told Fox News Digital that the defund the police movement, staffing shortages, and media demonization are now a contributing factor. 

A Chicago police officer was found dead with a self-inflicted gunshot wound on Saturday, marking the third time in the month of July that a Chicago police officer has committed suicide. 

Retired Chicago Police Department Chief of Detectives Eugene Roy told Fox News Digital that police in Chicago are understaffed and under supported by leadership, which has led to plummeting morale and skyrocketing anxiety.

“The suicides and the current climate go hand in hand,” Roy said, explaining that police officers are no longer viewed like they were in Norman Rockwell’s iconic 1958 “The Runaway,” the painting of a young boy and a police officer that has become synonymous with the “protect and serve” aspect of law enforcement. 


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