Bryce Hill July 21st, 2022

Wages have failed to keep up with inflation, dropping Illinoisans’ purchasing power by $2,900 on average. 

The average Illinoisan needed a pay raise of $5,920 to keep up with inflation during the past 12 months. That worker only got a little more than $3,057.

So, that $3,057 pay bump was actually the equivalent of a nearly $2,900 pay cut.

When you add up all the price increases from inflation, Illinoisans are paying $4,675 more for the same goods and services this year compared to last year.

On an annual basis, the average Illinois worker will shell out $1,483 more for gasoline this year, $929 more for housing, $523 more for groceries, and $387 more for utilities. By the time you add up all the different ways inflation nickels and dimes you, the total cost adds up to more than $4,675.


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