By: Ted Dabrowski

On Sunday I traveled to Milwaukee for a quick family trip. Beautiful sunny day. Great food in the Third Ward. The lakefront was hopping. Life was good.

Not being dumb, I made to sure to fill up the car on my way back home to Illinois. Somewhere along the way on Interstate 94, some 15 minutes before reaching the Illinois border, I filled up the gas tank. I was excited to see gas below $4 a gallon for the first time in a while – $3.96 to be exact. 

I made sure to check what prices were when I got home so I could see just how badly Illinoisans are getting hit. At a Wilmette gas station a few blocks from my house it was $5.05 a gallon – more than a dollar higher.

Ok, it’s not a dollar difference everywhere in Illinois, but a look at the average prices on AAA for both Illinois and Wisconsin showed a difference of almost 75 cents on July 31, 2022 ($4.646 vs. $3.907).

It’s no wonder Illinoisans are so ticked off about fuel prices here in Illinois vs. the lower prices in other states. In case you didn’t know it, Illinois has the highest gas prices of any state east of the Rockies. 


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