Every Thursday Evening at 8:00 PM CST

-Mission: CONNECT like-minded America First Patriots, Political Conservatives, Mama Bears, Papa Bears,
-‘Da Bears’ with IFAF, The America Project, Illinois Grassroots Groups, and each other.
-These meetings are about action. As General Flynn says: Local Action = National Impact. Team building is
key. Join a team that needs your knowledge and skills. Don’t just think about doing something… let’s get it

-Learn about our Save Illinois Bus Tour Committee! Exciting times ahead. Our bus tour is your bus
tour. Help us hold a rally in your County! We will be registering voters, poll watchers, election judges
and precinct committeemen. Join this committee and Save Illinois!

-Volunteers needed to attend Train-The-Trainer Poll Watcher Training. Trainers and schedulers are
also needed to coordinate this State-Wide drive to train and schedule Poll Watchers. We intend to re-cruit thousands of poll watchers and can’t do this without a team in every county.

-Poll Watcher Emergency Response System: What is the best way to find current / experienced Poll
Watchers and get them trained and onboarded into PWER? Bring your ideas.

-Voter Roll Clean-up- llinois Freedom Alliance Spotlight on Election Integrity Video. Learn what IFA
has found conducting Voter Roll Clean Up. You can clean voter rolls at home or gather friends and
work together. Join this Committee and you will be part of the solution to a very wink link in our election

-School Board Elections In April-Let’s get a team together to get in high gear to prepare
Board of Elections Committee Members wanted: Help us conduct interviews with Illinois County
Clerks. This effort will open communication and help us understand the duties and responsibilities of
your County Board of Elections. Commit to attending your County Board of Elections Meetings and
reporting your notes to PWER.

ZOOM: https://us02web.zoom.us//85905174192
The line opens Thursday evenings at 7:45 pm, meeting starts promptly at 8:00 pm.
Q&A and discussion starts at 8:30 pm, and Open Line Thursday starts at 9:00 pm.
For Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness! – IFAF Staff
Operation Eagle’s Wings ~ The America Project


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