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ILLINOIS FOR AMERICA FIRST (IFAF) is partnering with eight swing States in collaboration to roll out a detailed, comprehensive plan modeled after the successes in Virginia. Working directly with the originators of “The Virginia Model,” we promote America First policies and platform issues and implement strategies for free, fair, and transparent elections. As a new organization (2022), IFAF creates a clean slate to bring additional systems and methods to fill in the gaps on the good work already being achieved in Illinois.

In 2020, after the highly questionable results of the presidential and other down ballot elections, Americans across the country lost faith and confidence in our election system. Illinois was no different.
The newly created Illinois for America First is an affiliate of The America Project (TAP), a 501c4 organization founded by Lieutenant General Michael Flynn and businessman Dr. Patrick Byrne.

IFAF is nonpartisan group with an interest in the long-term observation of elections in the State of Illinois (and throughout the country) by conducting surveys of our state’s election officials and canvassing of voters in each county to ensure accuracy and honesty in the voter registration system.
We are also committed to properly training poll watchers, informing voters of our state’s election laws, and training citizen volunteers in voter turnout efforts. In short, we want to avoid the mistakes, confusion, mischief, and irregularities which took place in the 2020 elections and to make sure it doesn’t happen again in the 2022, 2024 and beyond. It has been said, “Elections have consequences and stolen elections have deadly consequences.”

Our country and its founding principles are under attack by those who make up the political left in this country. The weapon of choice is our vulnerable election system. Over the last several decades they have worked with their allies in state government to implement measures in the name of making voting more accessible and fairer. In reality, they quietly removed safety measures that protected voter integrity and the American electorate. That’s why it is vital that every individual and group involved in this endeavor join forces and work together to fix our broken electoral system. To quote Patrick Henry, “United, we succeed, and divided, we fail.”

This is where we need your assistance. We are looking for reliable volunteers across the state in each of its 102 counties, willing to assist us in building a citizen-focused network by working with pro-freedom community groups and organizations, businesses, and individuals such as yourself to empower and embolden all to engage in the election process. Together we will ensure that Illinois secures Free, Fair and Transparent elections and preserve American freedoms and values.

We are an experienced team and invite others to join us in a “coalition of the willing” as we endeavor to enlarge local efforts to a statewide forum for best practices, to avoid duplication of effort, and to pull together in restoring voter confidence and turnout. This challenge is massive and therefore needs dedicated and perseverant activism. We have a detailed plan to begin implementation immediately. Thank you for your help and we look forward to working with YOU!

Fueled with Passion, Time, Skills, and Financial Contributions


In 1776, Virginia Led The Way To Establish Our Republic!
In 2022, Arizona Will Lead Again To Save Our Republic!

To regain what has been lost, stolen, or destroyed will require ACTION! It will require patriots who love America as founded and embrace the principles and values that made America the greatest nation in human history.

  • Religious Freedom
  • Pro-Life
  • Free Speech for All Americans
  • Protect the 2nd Amendment
  • Medical Freedom
  • Parental Rights
  • School Choice
  • Energy Independence
    American Sovereignty
  • Elections: Easy to Vote, Hard to Cheat
  • Secure Borders
  • No “Sanctuary Cities”
  • Legal Immigration Reform
  • Protect American Jobs and Businesses
  • Economic Opportunity
  • Free and Fair Market Trade
  • Law & Order (Back the Blue)
  • Limit the Size & Scope of Government
  • Less Regulations, Lower Taxes
  • Restoration of the American Family

First Save Illinois!

  • Ensure Transparency and Compliance of Processes and Procedures
  • Hold Election Officials Accountable
  • Ensure Accurate Voting Rolls
  • Require Effective Voter ID
  • Limit Mail-in Voting
  • End the Use of Ballot Drop Boxes
  • Protect Precinct Voting
  • Ban the Dominion Electronic Voting System and Return to Paper Ballots
  • Audit Federal-only Ballots Without Proof of U.S. Citizenship
  • Enforce Regulations with Stiffer Penalties

Save Our Republic

  • Restore the System of Federalism between the federal and state governments
  • Restore the Checks and Balances between the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches of government
  • Restore the Rule of Law
  • Support a Balanced Budget Amendment
  • Support a Presidential Line-Item Veto
  • End Judicial Activism
  • Punish Criminals
  • End Public Corruption
  • Fully Fund our Military
  • End “Open Borders”
  • Restore Prayer in Public Schools
  • Place Limits on Abortion
  • Institute Parental Rights in our public schools

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