Moms for Liberty Lake County Launch


Location: McGonigals 2nd Floor, 105 S. Cook Street Barrington

6-7pm: Social and cash bar, casual arrivals

7-9pm: Speaker Agenda:

  • Frank McCormick, Chalkboard Heresy (Former Teacher featured on Fox & CandaceShow)
  • Ted Dabrowski ,Wirepoints (Trusted Resource for Illinois Trends & Analysis)
  • Marsha McClary, D220 Barrington Families Forum (Moms for Liberty Lake Founder)
  • Q&A

We are excited to announce the launch of the Moms for Liberty Lake County Illinois Chapter. Moms for Liberty is a National Organization over 80K members with local county chapters advocating for parental rights at all levels of government including local schools and officials. Given the large size of Lake County we plan to focus on information sharing, best practices, expert speakers and networking to further your local advocacy efforts. Recent Moms for Liberty topics across chapters include:

1) Covid-related: school re-opening, mask optional, no medical discrimination

2) Addressing the decline of focus on core & important academics

3) Tracking legislation and coordinating advocacy efforts

4) Age appropriate school content & filtering of obscene materials or books

5) Uncovering sources of major distractions for our schools including extremist indoctrination practices.

To Check out the National Organization –

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