ARIZONA FOR AMERICA FIRST (AFAF) is part of eight swing States in collaboration to roll out a detailed, comprehensive plan modeled after the successes in Virginia. Working directly with the originators of “The Virginia Model”, we promote America First policies and platform issues, implementing strategies for free, fair, and transparent elections. As a new organization (2022), AFAF creates a clean slate to bring additional systems and methods to fill in the gaps on the good work already being achieved in Arizona.

WE THE PEOPLE AZ ALLIANCE PAC invites you to Arizona Battle Cry on Saturday, April 2, 11am-3pm, at Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza. Now more than ever, people ask, “What can I do?” Arizona Battle Cry is a volunteer recruitment event, similar to a job fair designed to showcase grassroots groups, nonprofits, and candidates ALREADY in the good fight and provide opportunities for people to engage, volunteer, or donate to your campaign or cause. Let’s join together as we ready Arizonans in the work for our Constitutional rights and freedoms in 2022 and beyond. Speakers include Josh Pratt, Virginians for America First, how they flipped their state with America First candidates.


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